How to Promote your Business with $0 campaign.

The dy/dx formula of marketing.

The Quaden Bayles’ controversial story went viral in the first quarter of 2020. A lot of sympathizers stood up for him. Lent their voices against the vice. That is how it ought to be. A few weeks later, the media discovered the story was a hoax but they gave him a free promotion” already. And a whopping sum of $225,000 was donated to his account via gofundme. The campaign strategy was to appeal to the emotions of people on social media and get them to speak on his behalf.

“The greatest form of campaign is free media publicity. You’ll get recommendations overnight. And an overwhelming support through the help of P2P.”

Elon Musk is a disruptive agent to the current dispensation of what is called marketing. According to a YouTube source, CEO of Telsa & SpaceX never spent a dime on marketing since he started doing business. What he employs as a strategy is the Free Media Promotion equation (FMP). He throws his weight over a ridiculous situation. And he makes a completely compelling and attractive story out of the mud.

He gives a captivating story to the media which campaign freely on his behalf and that of his company.

If you give the media an interesting story to tell, they will reward you with free publicicty. Being interesting = Free Publicity”

This equation has been proven by Elon Musk as his company Telsa stand as a huge competition to other automobile brands across the world. He has a lot of Reddit army who are readily interested in propagating the image & brand of the company. Aside from that, the CEO’s Twitter page is confirmation.

As a business enthusiast, seizing opportunities should be the primary aim of your business. And the tool to pivotal the story is media. Media is instrumental to the success of most companies who harness its power. Internet covers a wide range compared to television and radio frequencies that are confined within a locality. The potential of the internet cannot be compared to static billboards across major cities. According to this source, there are over 3.5 billions of smartphone users in the world. And a forecast showed that the figures will still grow by hundreds of millions in the next few years. Imagine your profile/content before at least 5% of this population. That is 175,000,000 million views per your profile. Even if you’re possessed by the demons or battling with ancestral curses from home. You will rise to stardom and sell-out your brand/business.

Do you remember the story of Olajumoke Orisaguna, a bread seller who accidentally photobombed in Tinie Tempah’s shooting by Ty Bello? You knew how the media blew her story right? She rose from grass to stardom. She became a supermodel overnight. That is exactly the perfect definition of Free Media Promotion equation. Let me leave you with her interview. I hope you enjoy it.


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