The Chronicle of General dot connector.

Hello, I am Samuel Adegoke and it is my pleasure to introduce Adbalsual - “a general dot connector for your business growth” to you today. Come with me!

This is a newsletter specifically designed to cater to the burden entrepreneurs, business owners and SME’s may-be undergoing while building their various businesses. Inevitably, the business space cannot do without an agreement ranging from MOU, Mutual Contract and so on. And the dire need for SME to retain the service of a lawyer has continually posed a threat to the existence of the business. This newsletter will bridge that gap as we are on a mission to bring considerable legal advice to your doorstep.

Adbalsual, being the general dot connector for your business, we realise the importance of leveraging the digital space for advancing your product or services. Thus, we will deliver tips on how you can advertise/market your product or services with low or no capital at all. Our opinion is not magic wand neither is it financial advice to get rich quick scheme but it is tested opinion that has helped few businesses succeed at what they do. Few of the companies that have worked with us are - Moremartson Apparel & Comfort Intl. Ltd. We are just a team on a mission to give and support the business owners with our advice and tips on how to manage their businesses.

While you are at it, you can read more about Adbalsual and we would like you to sign up for our newsletter in order to receive monthly nuggets every third Wednesday of the month. Help spread the word to your friends and follow us on Twitter. We can’t wait to hear from you!